• Guest reviewed 4 years ago

I booked two campsites in April for an 8 night stay the end of July 2015. I booked for power and water on both sites. I made sure that the sites were big enough to hold all our tents. I was told that would not be a problem. I was also told that I because I booked so long that I would get one night free. Upon arrival the Owner was not going to give me the free night. I had to make reference to my phone reservation. Owner was not pleased but I did receive one night free. I mentioned having two tents per site. The owner was visibly upset and wanted more money. I explained that I was told that would be fine. Owner raised her voice. She said she was going to fire the person who told me that. She had put a stop to two tents. This was their first year running the park and she found twelve people on one site. (Obviously then this was after I was told it was ok – since I booked in April and their first summer began in May) I tried to explain that I would not have come to this camp ground if I were told I couldn’t have two tents per site. I told her that I was already paying for 2 nights for one site and no one would be there! After all this my site did not have power hookup for a regular plug. So I had no power! Another camper told me days later that the office did have converters that I could have used with a deposit. On the website it still clearly states that if you rent for 6 nights you get 1 night free. Our campsites were wet all the time we were there in-spite of 5 consecutive hot sunny days. Although the lake and the mountain backdrop were beautiful, it was the worst experience that I have had at a campsite.

Disappointed by greed
  • Guest reviewed 3 years ago

The campground may be nice, but beware the no cancellation policy and miserly owner. Unexpected engine trouble forced us to have our motorhome towed and left us stranded the day before we were supposed to arrive at the campground. On top of the towing charge, the $1,100 garage charge, and the extra hotel expenses, this campground still charged us a night’s stay.
It isn’t the location or services that will keep us from staying here ever again, it is the disappointment we felt at such a callous show of greed and lack of basic human kindness.

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